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Allen Jones


Sculptor and painter Allen Jones was born in Southampton England in 1937, and spent 1955-59 studying painting and lithography at Hornsey College of Art. One of the first British pop artists to emerge in the 1960s, Jones’s aesthetic centred on beautiful women visualised erotically and stereotypically as in glossy magazines, advertisements and cartoon strips. He is famous for his erotic sculptures such as like the set Chair, Table and Hat Stand (1969), which became his most famous forniphiliac artwork. Underpinned with a great mastery of colour and a consummate painting technique, Jones’s work fluctuates between painting and sculpture. On a flat canvas painted forms appear sculptural and his three-dimensional works are painterly. He uses colour to describe form, sometimes with graphic precision or conversely with an energy that is close to direct expression. He exhibited internationally in solo and group shows such as: \”II Biennale de Paris\” (Biennale de Paris, Paris, 1961); \”III Biennale de Paris\” (Biennale de Paris, Paris, 1963); \”Allen Jones\” (Charles Cowles Gallery, NY, 1988); \”Sheet Music – Paintings, watercolours, drawings and prints\” (Alan Cristea Gallery, London, 2003); \”Allen Jones: Oeuvres récentes\” (Galerie Patrice Trigano, Paris, 2006); \”Drawing from Turner\” (Tate Britain, London, 2006); \”Pop Art! 1956–1968\” (Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome, 2007); \”Third Beijing International Art Biennale\” (Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, 2008).

Selected Works