Mark Borghi Fine Art

Maurizio Cattelan




wood, fabric, stuffing
i) 31 x 21 x 31 in. (78.7 x 53.3 x 78.7 cm)
ii) 28 x 19 x 28 in. (71.1 x 48.3 x 71.1 cm)
This work is from an edition of three plus one artist’s proof. The work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist


Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris

Private Collection


M. Cattelan, Maurizio Cattelan: biologia delle passioni, Ravenna, 1989, p. 48 (illustrated)

R. Daolio, Maurizio Cattelan, Paris, 1997, p. 180 (illustrated)

“I’m always chasing new challenges, new possibilities, and new locations. I’m not only interested in the art public, but also in those people who just happen casually to pass by. Art should not be a space shut in on itself, but rather a magnetic field that attracts the energies of artists into space, and possibly into the cities in which they circulate.” — Maurizio Cattelan

(Bellini, Andrea. “An Interview with Maurizio Cattelan,” Sculpture Magazine, Vol. 24. September, 2005.)

Rulo, 1989, renders the artist’s sentiment perfectly. The two cushioned seats which comprise the present lot are ideal for attracting viewers, providing both a unique artwork and an inviting place to sit.