Mark Borghi Fine Art

John Chamberlain

The Blue Whale over Green New York


The Blue Whale over Green New York


Signed titled and inscribed  verso For My Loving Wife Lorraine from her husband John

Mixed media on paper

5 ¾ x 5 inches (14.60 x 12.7cm)


Collection of Lorraine Belcher Chamberlain Wilson until 2014

Lorraine Belcher, was first involved with Frank Zappa in his early days as a musician and filmmaker. She was arrested with him in 1965 when St. Bernardino police charged the pair with conspiracy to commit pornography in Cucamonga. The “porn” in question was an audio tape of herself and Zappa “moaning and groaning,” Lorraine said. “We didn’t take our clothes off.” She said An undercover cop had solicited the “porn” for $100, supposedly for a stag movie.Her San Francisco friends would call her “Big Lorraine” and she nicknamed Zappa Lumpy Gravy.